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1. "Tail Slide" ("Chafe Slide" Invented in a dream & did it the next day Salisian's Miniramp the Fallbrook Channel 1987)

+ 2. "Nose Bone Frontside Grind" 1987/88? Fallbrook Inside Out Shoot (Salad Grind)

3. Lipslide Revert ( after Phil's was gone / no vert ramps left before or after Dam ramp ? Rubin's Miniramp1986 or '87?)

4. Lien to Tail Revert ( Shales ramp 1987 ish)

5. Tail Drop Revert (Just before Amateur National Finals Phoenix Pride Pavillion1986/7?? - Was voted by the other skaters in the competition as Best Trick of The Comp.)

6. Alley Oop Lipslide (Rubin's ramp during his Trick Renaissance' during which he invented a whole bunch of liptricks 1986 or 1987 )

7. Alley Oop Nose Grind (Rockwalk G)(Kennedy Warehouse1988/89?)

8. Alley Oop Chafe Slide (Kennedy Warehouse1988/89?)

+ 9. "G-Pivot" no handed front tuck pivot (Chino Pigmy ramp- Check Spike Jonz seq Date)

10. Alley Oop 5050 to Fakie)

+ 11. "Disco Lip" - Alley 5050 to Lipslide to Smith grind.

12. Backside Disaster to Frontside Smithstop

13. Monty to Frontside Smithstop (Monty to Losi)

14. Backside 271 Ollie to Smith Stop to Frontside Smith Stop (Known as Sugar Cane)

+ 15. "Schroeder Bomb" lipside-in (94/95 ish Basic Bowl shallow end 1st try- when learning how to skate again after the Kar Krash)

+ 16. "Sweeper Death" sweeper coming in with front foot on only back wheels on deck (Shop Miniramp young dumb drunk Sessions Mid 2000's)

+ 17. "Leap of Faith" board sitting in disaster and jump on to it front-foot-first (Shop Miniramp drunk Sessions Mid 2000's)

+ 18. "Ghost Rider" (Shop Miniramp young dumb drunk Sessions Mid 2000's)

19. Rewind (Fakie Axle stall to Fakie -Cedar crest country club 1988)

20. Willie Bennett (Willie-stall to G-pivot- Monrovia Skatepark 2021)